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MAGMÉ Wood carving courses

Who are the courses for?

Our courses are for everybody regardless of age, you can be 15 or 75. For children who enjoy craft and are a bit patient we recommend starting at about 12. Once on a course, absolute beginners will meet advanced carvers, which is very inspiring and rewarding. Everyone is warmly welcomed. If you like wood as a natural material, if you're inspired by traditions or likes to try new and unusual techniques you will enjoy our classes. If you want to try expressing yourself creatively, even with no previous experience - you don't need to worry, we will teach you. We are happy to teach you everything step-by-step. Each participant is treated as an individual and we help you to develop your personal art skills. We will help you to master the craft itself, to feel relaxed in the team and enjoy the fragrant woodwork. We will help you escape from everyday bustle. It is a creative activity that can become an enjoyable outlet for your artistic side.

What techniques and treatments will you learn on our courses?

On our courses you can learn to master classical wood carving, pierced carving, engraved or ornamental carving, relief and sculpture work and also encrustation and inserting non-traditional materials. You can also learn the graphic techniques of wood carving and engraving. You will learn various finishing technologies and their differences in practical use. It is also possible to learn minor restorations of wooden objects.

What will you make on the course?

If you are new to woodcarving, on the first class you usually practice holding and using chisels and clamping materials to the workbench. You'll also learn about safety. By the end of the first class you will have started your own first work (It could be a bowl, spoon, simple relief, signs with various inscriptions, abstract sculpture, bird, gingerbread form, etc.) Work on oak leaf Work on sun After the initial simple work, or if you already have previous wood carving experience, you will discuss your next work with the lecturer. You may like to make Nativity figures, reliefs, animal sculptures, jewellery, toys, gingerbread forms, masks, or small utility subjects (such as various hangers, containers and boxes, racks and frames). You could even create your own functional all-wood puppet. If you don't have a specific idea of what you want to create, it's nice to let the piece of wood lead you and it will tell you where to go with it; you may be surprised by an interesting abstract sculpture or relief, a sort of inner wood spirit. Each participant is individually guided and you can discuss your progress with the lecturer at any time. With steady progress, you will be able to make increasingly sophisticated carvings.

Workshop equipment

The workshop is equipped with carving workbenches, to clamp the material properly and ensure safe work with the tools. We use professional Pfeil chisels of various profiles and sizes that we continuously sharpen for your smooth work. If you want to, you can learn the sharpening process also. We also provide wood carving mallets, tightening clamps, bonding and finishing materials (stains, waxes, paints, sealants, oils, dyes, etc.), necessary tools like saws, sanders, planers, drills, and of course a good quality carving wood.

What to bring

We recommend you bring workwear such as an apron or old shirt and comfortable shoes (indoor shoes are not needed).

You may like to bring a notebook, ideally A4, for notes and sketches.

Small head carving Work on segmented bowl Work on relief with crayfish Work on lamp base Work on lamp shade