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Personal linocut stamps course

We invite you to 3.5 hour course on which you will make about 2 to 4 sophisticated linocut stamps of your own design or from a draft, with any motif or text (e.g. Ex Libris - a book ownership stamp, logos, etc.) and we will show you how to print them on different materials.

Stamps with Ex Libris Stamps with Zodiac signs Various linocut stamps

We are also happy to issue linocut stamps course gift vouchers. Surprise your loved ones with the gift of creating something unique. We will teach you how to use chisels and stylus on linocut, how to prepare the work, how to achieve different lines, how to shade your motif, how to appropriately stylize, how to simply laterally invert text (so it prints the right way around), how the stamps can be used in many different ways (not just on paper, but also on textiles, ceramic and self-hardening materials - or even unconventionally, for example in dough and cookies, etc.). We will show you what colors to use for different printings and how to take care of your stamps. You will print your stamps on paper and if there is a time and interest also on textiles and polymer clay (modurit).

Cutting of Ex Libris text Cutting of personalized stamp Making of linocut stamp

You can also use your versatile stamps to make original greeting cards, Ex Libris for books, original letters, gift wrapping paper, napkins, sewn cushions, placemats, cases, blankets, corporate logo, monogram, assembling collages, etc.

We will show you how to select suitable linoleum for linocut, what its features and quality should be, what the differences are among linoleums, etc.


Linocut stamp with giraffe motif

The linocut stamps course price is:

One person ....................900 CZK

Linocut stamps with leaves motif


January 17 2019, 4.30 pm

next term according to agreement

If you wish to join a course, you must reserve a place first - please get in touch via the Contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you.