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About the MAGMÉ wood carving course lecturers

Please let us introduce ourselves.

Magdalena Mézlová with her daughter Šárka

The founder and chief instructor is carver and sculptor Magdalena Mézlová, MgA. Magdalena grew up in an artistic family. Her mother is a carver and sculptor who worked on restorations, her father is an academic graphic artist, painter and illustrator. He worked mainly with wood engraving technique, and is a leading expert in this technique among Czech artists.

Magdalena Mézlová graduated from the School of Applied Art in Prague, majoring in woodcarving and sculpture. She continued her higher education at the same school with post-secondary studies in the restoration of art woodwork. This was followed by six years of study at the Academy of Fine Arts. During her studies she completed several foreign trips and internships, including placements at Kuvataideakkatemia in Helsinki and London. After graduating she devoted her time to garden stone and mosaic sculpture as well as wood sculptures. These days she works on larger projects at her rural studio near Louny and in Košíře in Prague on smaller projects.

Head Cross Portrait of Christ Shar-Pei hit by meteorite

During her high school studies, Magdalena lead group woodcarving courses in Prague Chodov, in the Kulturní centrum Zahrada (Garden Cultural Center). Having taken a break some years back to have two beautiful children, she now runs the Magmé art workshop, focusing mainly on wood carving courses.


Here are some websites featuring Magdalena's works, these also include further information about her:

Here you can read a newspapaper article (Naše rodina - Our Family 44/2003) about Magdalena and her original courses at the Kulturní centrum Zahrada (Garden Cultural Center) in Prague Chodov.

Link to FlerMAG page with the video

You can also watch a short video on Magdalena's work that was made for Fler Creative World.

In the courses you can also meet lecturer's husband Ing. David Loder who also does wood carving and other art activities. They are a good working team and complement each other well.

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For complete information we want to mention lecturer's sister Markéta Kynclová, MgA. who is a restorer of stone and wood sculptures. You can see her work at

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